See what clients have said over the years

Tracy handled our issues with great care and fairness. She made a very difficult situation easier to get through with her knowledge, skills, and kindness.
— DeKalb County Client
I’ve been through a divorce before and felt completely powerless in the process. This time, we mediated and I was much more in control of the decisions we needed to make. Plus, it was private, not in front of an audicence,
— DeKalb County Client
We had to come back together to modify child support after both our situations changed. Talking money is never fun for me and especially with my ex. But Tracy made it go much better than I feared it would and we got a fair agreement worked out.
— Cobb County Client
We knew we were ready to get divorced but we had no idea how to do it. The whole process felt overwhelming and scary. Tracy helped us figure out what issues we needed to work on and what information we needed to get it done. She took a big scary thing and made it into a manageable thing. I’m so glad we went to her first instead of guessing our way around. I’m certain we saved a ton of time, frustration and money.
— Fulton County Client
Even though my ex and I disagree on almost everything, we agree that using Tracy to help us divorce was a smart choice. She made sure all our bases were covered and we got it done much faster and cheaper than if we had tried to fight it out ourselves.
— Clayton County Client
Her experience shows. She’s good.
— DeKalb County Attorney