Private Mediation without Attorneys

Private mediation with clients who do not have an attorney representing them are offered a comprehensive package that includes information on the expectations of the court, expertise on the necessary forms, helpful guides including how to prepare for mediation, sample parenting plans, face-to-face mediation sessions (of course!), and telephone and email support. For additional information, please click here to schedule a Get Acquainted Call. Or call me directly at 404-276-5422.


Private Mediation with Attorneys

Private mediation sessions with clients who are represented by attorneys are priced at the rate of $250 per hour ($125 per person, per hour) payable at the conclusion of each mediation session. Each session requires a two-hour minimum ($500 total minimum or $250 per person). Acceptable forms of payment include cash and credit/debit card.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations require 48 hours' notice in writing to me and the other party and/or their attorney. If less than 48 hours cancellation is given, parties will be assessed for two hours ($500) of mediation time.